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Lake Wilcox swims DONE for 2018
Oannes Swims
Oannes Swims
Oannes Swims
Oannes Swims
Oannes Swims
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Join us at Cherry Beach
Wilcox Lake

Low risk open water training site for Triathletes & Open Water Swimmers - clear water, fair visibility and calm.

NLS certifed swim coach. One (1) hour sessions.
Not a learn to swim program
Must be registered in advance - see below
Must fill out:
Adult Membership Form & Waiver
Junior Membership Form & Waiver

Format: Max 12 Athletes per session

Skills Reviewed: Sighting, blind swimming, stroke counting for pacing, stroke counting sets, working the buoy, water starts, land starts, sprint swimming & focuses related to water conditions, as they occur (white caps, long waves, against waves, etc).

Welcome Adult & Junior Swimmers (12-18 years)

Feature Coaches: Kelvin Landolt

Wilcox Lake

  • Park: New paved parking lot labelled "Lake Wilcox", next exit north of Oak Ridges Community Centre at 12895 Bayview Avenue Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3G2. Left off Bayview.
  • Meet: Beachside near the Richmond Hill Canoe Club boat house - walk north or to the right facing the lake to the boat house along the waterfront cement path.
Schedule: 8 wks - 7 total swims
9 AM Saturday - May 5th

Start - Sat May 5 / End June 30

Season Fee: One time - $30 / Team Oannes Members wave this fee.
Rates: 6 Swims $90 / Drop-in $20
Registration: Must be in advance

Saturday AM Swims - By Email

Rides can be arranged from DT Toronto.
Group may be biking up/back from DT Toronto weekly
  • Wet Suit is likely needed / not necessary later into June.
  • Bathing Cap (bright orange) supplied.
  • Water Time: 1 hour or more



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