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Cherry Beach

Not a 'learn to swim' program
Must be register in advance.
Must fill out:
Adult Membership Form & Waiver
Junior Membership Form & Waiver

Feature Coaches:
Kelvin Landolt - Level 1 Coach, Open Water Specialist & NLS Certified

Cherry Beach 2008
General Skills Offered:

Sighting, blind swimming, stroke counting for pacing, stroke counting sets, working the buoy, water starts, land starts, sprint swimming, dolphin diving, power strokes, passing, cross over & focui related to water conditions, as they occur (white caps, long waves, against waves, etc).

Welcome Adult & Junior Swimmers (10-18 years)

Morning - OW Swim Training
Evening - OW Swim Skills
1on1 - Open Water Swim Skills
All payments to Kelvin Landolt in cash in an envelope beachside. We need to understand/plan session and know your committment to the program(s), in advance.

Boot Camp - Cherry Sports Fields - 275 Unwin Ave, Toronto, ON M5A 3K8 - Google Map

Swims - Cherry Beach - Foot of Cherry Street - Google Map

Reasons for NOT Swimming:
We do NOT swim after huge down pouring of rain or during thunder storms.
Open Water Swims
spacer May 21 to Sept 12 - 16 Weeks
Season Fee - included in rates below:

$30 add HST(13%)

  10 Swims Pass - $200 add HST(13%)
No Drop-in
Swim Schedule:
  4 PM Adults - Mon, Wed, Fri
  10:30 AM Youth Program - Mon, Wed, Fri
  7 AM Sat or Sunday
Register Online:
Email to register
Mornings - Boot Camp & Swims

Group Boot Camp & Swims sessions are challenging dryland and open water swim workouts.

Boot Camp: Not a beginner program. You should have some experience and ablity, and be injury free. 50 minute Tabata Style 45sec ON, 15sec Rest X 6 (for 6 minutes). Rest and repeat 6 Times. No equipment - only body weight. Gloves and towel needed - Yoga mat not manditory

Swim: You don't need speed, necessarily as much as competency in open water. Perfect for OW swimmers & Triathletes looking to get in some distance (1.5-5 KM per session) and experience.

spacer May 21 to Sept 12 - 16 Weeks
Season Fee - included in rates below:

$30 add HST(13%)

  12 Swims Only - $210 add HST(13%)
  12 Boot Camp & Swims - $330 add HST(13%)
No Drop-in
Boot Camp Schedule:
  6 AM Mon, Wed, Fri
  8 AM Sat
Swim Schedule:
  7 AM Adults - Mon, Wed, Fri
  6 AM Sat and Sunday
Register Online:
Email to register

Oannes Swims

Cherry Beach is sometimes called 'Clarke Beach'



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