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Cherry Beach
Distance Swim Event

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Distance Swim Event

Not a 'learn to swim' program
Must be register in advance.
Must fill out:
Adult Membership Form & Waiver
Junior Membership Form & Waiver

Hosted by:
Team Atomica / Oannes Swims

Cherry Beach 2008
Info: Saturday Aug 20

3 hour designated timed swim on 1 KM course, bouyed course. This is not a race as much as it is an opportunity for swimmers to swim on a longer coarse and for a longer periord of time. Swimmers can wear/bring any swim equipment.

Welcome Adult & Junior Swimmers (12-18 years)

Event Fee:
$20 cash payment beachside on the day of the Event.
More Info:
  • Equipment Friendly - Wet Suits, fins, snorkle, etc.
  • Start Time - 7 AM
  • End Time - Horn blows at 10 AM
  • Water Time: 3 hour+
Registration: Max 20 swimmers
Email to register ASAP
Location: Google Map
cherry beach house
Reasons for NOT Swimming:
We do NOT swim after huge down pouring of rain or during thunder storms.

Oannes Swims

Cherry Beach is sometimes called 'Clarke Beach'



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