No Trace of Grace - Change... a dangerous gift.

A Dramatic Mystery inspired by a True Story

Kelvin Landolt & Donna Radik

She was once a he, born Grant Baxter. She came out within the gay sub-culture of Vancouver, eventually hooking as a trans-woman, on Davie Street, in the mid-1980's. Pushed from the street by an escalation of violence from police and social pressure, she creates a haven for herself and fellow sex workers. This respite is short-lived; a gang of bikers seize her cathouse, forcing her to flee.

She undergoes a sexual re-assignment at 19, now a strikingly tall, blonde woman, Grayce Elizabeth Baxter, moves to Toronto to work in the booming tech industry. In reality, she's become Candice a domination specialist high class call girl.


Dan Johnson Grayce Elizabeth Baxter
Dan Johnson Grayce Baxter

Obsessed with making her mark, there is no shortage of men who will pay for her cruel services. She lives the high life walking a thin line between Grayce, an elegant woman and Candice, a prostitute who is a notorious jokester and partier. Her high rolling life suddenly crashes with a violent near fatality with a client. In that moment, she realizes she has reached the depths of depravity. Grayce begins to question the life she has created through Candice.

Then, she vanishes. Her BMW, expensively furnished condo, clothing, cat, all remain. There is no trace of Grayce. Police start to investigate the strange disappearance of an affluent woman and discover a transexual hooker is missing. Their efforts quickly loose momentum during the coming holiday season. Newspaper readers, family and friends are left to wonder what has happened to Grayce, as Christmas 1992 comes and goes. The new year brings no new leads.

Dan Johnson, a young prison guard, confesses to have murdered Candice. No evidence. Police spend eight weeks searching for body parts in the city dump. No body.

What if an orchestrated death became her ultimate escape? This is the mystery explored in "No Trace of Grace".



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