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A writer of plays, stories, essays and poems, best known for his ground-breaking play 'Fortune And Men's Eyes' which opened at Actor's Playhouse in New York in 1967, then played around the capitals of the world for more than thirty years. There have been hundreds of productions in many language translations. The play is performed in many summer-stock and amateur productions every year in the U.S.A.

Herbert has written 26 plays altogether, of which half have reached production with varying degrees of success. Six plays have been published by Grove Press, Penguin Books, Talon Books and Canadian Theatre Review. Essays and articles have appeared in the Village Voice, Saturday Night, Canadian Drama, Onion and the Fortune Newsletter (a prison reform monthly). Waterloo University now holds the copyrights for all his plays EXCEPT Fortune and Men's Eyes, which is owned by the Samuel French company.

He was made a lifetime member of Actors Studio, U.S.A. in 1967, read more in his Bio and Resume.

John Herbert

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