Daily Menu

John Cupido,

As suggesting in our conversations last week, here is a mock up of a site for FreshStart Coffee Co.
Click around the site mock up and see what you think. Naturally changes are welcomed.
I've used a different animated logo on the Daily Menu page.

I've kept the site quite simple as your viewers will view from a wide variety of computers and programs. The pages are created with just HTML.
I decided not to work with a dark brown back ground (like your catering brochure) as white text would be the only option. In web design, white text is not generally used, for fear that on some computers the background won't show and the default is a white background; so, then the text would not show at all.
Forms can be created for online ordering of catering services and for a customer feedback section. These would be in a PHP scripting. Once the client fills in a form and sends it, they get a response thanking them and you get the order or form content by email.

I'd like to add several image of the store and staff in action working, if you think this works, to the site; make it more personal for the clients.

With the links, I'm suggesting a daily menu (your usual fair of goods and pricing), catering menus (pricing and all the details, as a form to fill out online), store hours, coupons (making your current '1 in 20 free' coupon available as a pdf download or any other promotional coupons you'd like to make available on line), map (pointing out your catering delivery radius), store bio/history (everyone loves to read how business is started, read reviews and more), Feedback (post an online form which will allow customers to give you feedback on service, the store, products, etc. - might offer a free coffee or something for filling the feedback form out) and lastly, Contacts (all contact info for catering, and more). Not listed here might be a Links page, if you have any partnering going on with other stores, restaurants or business.

Please let me know by phone (416 598 2918 ext 1) or email, if you would like to meet and discuss my continuing working of a business card site for your company.


Kelvin Landolt, NP Consultants

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